Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are a little more expensive than high-end general purpose keyboards. In my experience they do enhance your gaming performance and gaming enjoyment enough to justify the extra cost, especially for the more serious gamer.

Saitek Cyborg Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg keyboard is one of the latest gaming keyboards, and it packs some great features into a distinctive design.
Cyborg V7 Gaming Keyboard with Tri-Color Backlighting

Cyborg PK17U Gaming Keyboar 

First of all it has 12 special 'Cyborg' keys that can be programmed with any function (as can all other keys). The Cyborg keys appear down each side of the keyboard and are easy to reach and use.

Next is the backlighting, which is very clever. There are five zones on the keyboard, each of which can have its own colour (from a choice of 5 colours) and brightness level. This means you can set the backlighting to highlight just the main gaming keys, or colour code them. It's a great system and works well. The backlighting is controlled from a touch-sensitive panel at the top of the keyboard.

The keyboard also has a gaming mode that locks out the Windows key. On top of that, the main gaming keys (WASD and spacebar) are metal-coated to stop them wearing out.

Saitek Cyborg V5 Keyboard
Crystal-clear backlit keys allow gamers to hit the right key every time when gaming through the night.
1   Backlight illumination shines through the laser etched keys in ‘stealth red’ for perfect night vision.
2   Anti-Ghosting of key gaming area ensures simultaneous key presses register when needed.
3   Media control keys including volume.
4   Program your function keys with your favorite gaming macros using the powerful ST software.

Other features include multimedia controls, audio sockets for microphone and headphones, and a USB connection.


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